about us

BREATHE, LAUGH & RESET WITH Intuitive Breathwork

Intuitive Breathwork first and foremost is a beautifully held space to encourage healing, connection, processing or just good old fashion relaxation. It’s a space of love, movement, clarity and vibration. It’s a space created to hold you gently and safely while you choose whichever sensory experience you feel calling you home to yourself.

Intuitive Breathwork has been created by founder Susie Smith and her desire to bring people together to offer varied holistic, alternative and shamanic therapies under one roof. This is a nurturing space offering everyone the chance of integrated self-development, realignment of truth or simply the desire to reset, rebalance and reboot the mind body and soul.

The people behind Intuitive Breathwork

  • “I can’t thank Susie enough for the energy and positive steps we’ve achieved throughout each breath session. Thank you for being the powerful woman you are and allowing me to experience these transformations”

    Kara Goodwin 2018

  • “There's something very special about Susie. You can totally relax, unload and trust during her sessions. She's loads of fun too!”

    Lyndsey Archer 2019

  • “The whole experience and attention to detail with Susie makes the sessions she gives a deeply intuitive and personal journey. I’ll be back soon. I never knew the breath could be so powerful”

    Angel Wild 2018

  • “Who knew our own breath could be so powerful. I didn't until I had a session with Susie. I released trauma, my whole body was vibrating, and I was on such a high frequency. After I felt I had freed something up. I highly recommend you give transformational breathwork with Susie a go, you will be amazed.”

    Janine Pethig 2019

  • “Susie is a wonderful energy healer; she is passionate caring and intuitive, and you will get a bespoke session in a safe wonderful place. I have recommended her to so many people already.”

    Lucy Brindle 2019

  • “Susie has inspired me to explore myself, my family, friends and the world in more detail through alternative, meditative, restorative and spiritual practices. I would 100% recommend her to anyone.”

    Angharad Pelling 2018